Psychiatric man hacked parental wife did not stop charged with intentional homicide

Dingmou father and Yang Hua between the text messages show

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China Aeroengine Group Corporation formed the SASAC to perform the duties of contributors

The newly formed China Aero Engine Group Co., Ltd. shall be financed by the State Council State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission on behalf of the State Council

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India and Pakistan in the border area of ​​the fire caused by at least two Indian death 16 injured

The wounded Indians have been sent to nearby hospitals

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Trump: Obama and Hillary to create the "Islamic State" organization

He even accused the United States President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton created

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Obama called on countries to cooperate to prevent "Islamic countries" nuclear terrorist attacks

US President Barack Obama issued a warning at the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington on April 1

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Tianjin 7 people gang entrenched ceramic market violence strong income protection fee was arrested

To violent threats, intimidation and other means to the freight drivers and owners to collect protection fees

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Liar posing as the staff of the Department of Finance by "condolences gold" to cheat low subsistence allowances money

But also on January 28 received a call from the staff of the Department of Finance called the phone

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The United States and the Philippines ahead of the end of the "last military exercise" Dutterter again questioned

Ahead of the military exercise or will further damage the Philippines's long-standing relationship with the United States

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Henan trucks 8 months traffic violations 182 traffic police door interview driver

Police also found that the number of traffic violations of the car has reached more than 180 times

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Hong Kong wine industry by the mainland fake dragged Hong Kong newspaper: false ability

The author spent some money to invest in high quality red wine

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Guangdong most bitter police station: 35 square meters live 14 people (Figure)

Shilan Island water border police station is a cross-Qin border brigade one of the three police station

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Chengdu, the narrow alley unearthed thousands of years of Buddha statues carved exquisite (Figure)

Chengdu is the first large-scale unearthed Buddha statues in recent years

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Woman mistakenly changed the money to change the money 27,000 "practice" after the change of waste paper

The man will be kraft paper bag to Ms. Xue

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Russia before 2020 to build 11 nuclear submarines have received the fourth North Wind God

Russia old submarine accident frequently

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Beijing Municipal Committee of the Eleventh Plenary Session held Guo Jinlong stressed the focus of work

Conscientiously implement the central economic work conference, the spirit of the central city work conference

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Northern Xinjiang is still snow Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi and other local rain

Northern part of northern Xinjiang, eastern part of Heilongjiang, eastern Jilin and other parts of the area to a small snow or sleet

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Shanghai released this summer, the first three high temperature red warning

Affected by the western Pacific subtropical high

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Japan suddenly rendering the East China Sea tension in the recent most intense quarrel

Chinese Ministry of Commerce researcher Tang Chunfeng 23 days on the "Global Times" said

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Rare haze scared to the official emergency implementation of the Paris and France

[Global Times in France special correspondent Yao Meng Dong Ming] 8 is Paris, France to deal with air pollution, the implementation of vehicle odd and even numbers on the third day

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