Experts: the US military as early as the Yellow Sea exercise now to adapt to Sino-Russian action

Russia and China are now announcing joint military exercises
The Russian naval joint exercise was opened yesterday, it was the majority of the "Chinese Navy from the local farthest one exercise", "China and Russia for the first time in the Mediterranean joint military exercise" and other landmark events. North Africa, West Asia, Europe surrounded by the Mediterranean and China more than ten thousand miles away, but in fact not far away, the 2011 Libyan war has forced China to send ships evacuated tens of thousands of people. Prior to this exercise, Chinese President Xi Jinping signed a number of cooperation agreements with Russia on the 8th. On the 9th, Xi Jinping attended the parade of Moscow Victory Day, and the trilogy renewed the Sino-Russian relations, Partnership "in China and Russia, what new words describe this intimacy so that many media in the world feel" embarrassed ". China and Russia this exercise is mainly aimed at non-traditional security threats, the West is habitually associated with the Ukrainian crisis in Europe and the United States on Russia's isolation and sanctions, the United States and Japan recently modified the new high-profile defense guidelines implied China, that China and Russia in the "show power " Why is the Mediterranean why the Mediterranean, a distance from China so far away? US Prime Minister Abdullah Abdullah's recent visit to the United States is an example of the US-based Bloomberg analysis, which is the "global answer", which is a response to the new "cool war (for distinguishing the cold war - editor's note)" and the US action in the Pacific. Followed by "regional answers", that is, China's interest in West Asia and North Africa is increasing. In recent years, China's two ship rescue and evacuation of a large number of regional turmoil due to the danger of Chinese workers, the first time is Libya, Gaddafi bombing in 2011 after the Chinese evacuation of 35,800 people, the second is the end of March this year 4 At the beginning of the month, China helped hundreds of Chinese workers to evacuate Yemen. On the "signal from the Mediterranean", the German voice columnist Zelin that "the West must learn to adapt." He said that the Western media, "Russia and the Chinese army for the first time in the EU in front of the Mediterranean sea" joint action ", and the use of live ammunition" and other reports can be said to be "sensational". First of all, can China do this? The answer is: in the international waters, any party can and other parties with live-fire exercises. Second, who should start first? Americans have long held an exercise in the Yellow Sea. Their aircraft carrier has long been cruising along the coast of China. Russia and China are now announcing joint military exercises, the direct consequence of the West trying to isolate Russia. "The superpower can not go on holiday," the United States, "Wall Street Journal" 10 issue, to guide Obama should learn from the Russian victory day "lesson" that Obama on Russia "bright teeth" is not enough. The article recalls history, in 1919, when President Wilson retreated, thus igniting the faction of the Second World War. President Roosevelt thought he could go home, and fortunately, President Truman reversed the road. Even in 1979, the United States "is now free from communist extreme fear" to promote relations with Russia to restart the President Carter, also re-armed, when the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. Article criticized Obama said that after the Second World War the United States to implement the containment, and now Obama is the implementation of the "self-containment." 11 US National Review website is more naked, the article published in China and Russia approached the challenge to the United States, and even encouraged Obama to "cancel the 2016 Central Pacific joint military exercises on China's invitation." "The United States does need to reflect on, but the reflection should be its implementation of the containment + oppression of diplomacy," the German political scholar Gesler, Berlin, Germany on the 11th of the "Global Times" reporter said that the EU crisis in the EU attitude was relatively moderate , But the United States "wayward" tough against Russia; in Asia, the United States is the wayward experience of Japan's wayward, both high-profile changes in defense cooperation guidelines, some people do not even be taboo against China. Global Times correspondent Guo Yuandan went to Russia in Germany, the United States Aoki special correspondent of Wang Xiao Liu analysis of straight: Guo Yuandan

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